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Young Leaders Lab Conference 2020

  • Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 09:00 - 18:00 GMT

Young Leaders Lab is a one day conference about young people. 

This conference is for everyone: For everyone who wants to get involved in changing the narrative for young people in our society; for every role model who can help a young person to positively shape society across areas such as business, education, media, politics and so many more. 

Imagine if opportunity wasn’t limited to finance or background. 

What would our society look like if the next generation were believed in, if opportunities were created for them and if they could be exposed to environments they never thought possible? 

ALL of this can be empowered and supported by the generation before them: By us! 

This day is for you: For the CEO’s, the educators, the parents, the influencers, the youth leaders and the young people. Join the conversation. Join the journey. Together, we can make a difference.

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During Young Leaders Lab we will be breaking into seven different streams with focussed teaching on various aspects of Youth and Young Adults ministry and leadership. 

[1] YxYA PASTORS - For all delegates that lead their youth and/or young adult ministries.

[2] CITY & POLITICS COLLECTIVE - For all delegates that are, or aspire to be, leaders in the city.

[3] ARTIST COLLECTIVE - For all delegates that are, or aspire to be, leaders in arts and entertainment.

[4] MEDIA COLLECTIVE - For all the delegate that are, or aspire to be, leaders in media.

[5] EDUCATION COLLECTIVE - For all delegates that are, or aspire to be, leaders in education.

[6] YxYA TEAMS - For all delegates that are part of youth and/or young adult teams.

[7] POSITIVELY SHAPING SOCIETY - For all youth that attend the conference to be equipped and empowered to positively shape society.

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